Wednesday December 4: Open Session

Via Present & Correct

Our agenda this week will depend upon how how our semester, and your interests, evolve. We could add an additional lesson or lab on a topic of your choosing, invite a guest speaker, visit an exhibition, forge our own swords, whatever.  

We’re visiting the Manual Overrride exhibition at The Shed! You’ll find directions here. Let’s meet at the NW corner of 30th Street and 10th Ave at 4:15pm. I will have bought tickets for everyone in advance.

Please read…

  • about the exhibition
  • … about the curator’s research: Nora Khan, “I Need It To Forgive Me,” Glass – Bead (2017).
  • … about Hudson Yards, the heavily “instrumented” development where The Shed is located: Shannon Mattern, “Instrumental City,” Places Journal (April 2016).
  • No reading response this week.

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