Wednesday November 20: LAB 10: Tools for Measuring + Sensing III

What forms of data collection are made possible with a microcontroller? What are these tools’  limitations?

Lab: Sense the environment using hardware + software.

Tools used: Arduino, Java, electronics

  • We will use Arduinos in class, which connect to a laptop via USB. Please bring a laptop if you can, and if you need to, bring an adapter that will allow you to connect a USB cable to your computer.
  • Jennifer Gabrys, “Becoming Planetary,” e-flux architecture (October 2, 2018) [I realized, in rereading, that this is a very difficult text — sorry! My goal in assigning this was to “bookend” our sensing lesson: last Monday we read Gabrys on the various ways oceans are “sensed” and thus rendered “sensible,” trackable, model-able, knowable, etc.; today’s text encourages us to think even bigger — about how our modes of sensing and representing the planet have larger epistemological, ontological, political, and ethical implications. To help you make sense of “Becoming Planetary,” I’ve excerpted its main themes here.]
  • Scan Public Lab’s website.



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