Wednesday October 30: LAB 7: Describing + Diagramming Tools

Via Present & Correct

How do written, verbal, and illustrated forms of instructions differ from one another? What new uses might we imagine for existing and familiar tools, and how might we communicate those uses? How can a manual shape the perception of what a tool makes possible?

Lab: Develop and follow instructions for using existing tools.

Tools used: BYOT (Bring Your Own Tool!) Please bring an example of the tool you’re planning to feature in your final project.  

  • Mike Markel, “Writing Definitions, Descriptions, and Instructions” in Practical Strategies for Technical Communication (Bedford / St. Martin’s, 2016): 387-423 OR Eric Howerton, Michael Beilfuss, Katrina Peterson, and Staci Bettes, Technical Writing (Oklahoma State Press, forthcoming 2019) [here it is in beta]. This is not a terribly thrilling text, I’ll admit — but if we’re writing manuals, we should acknowledge the specialized practice of “technical writing.” And some of the guidelines presented here will ideally inform your own manual-making.
  • Louise Ma, seebytouch Diagrams.
  • Skim through Diagram Journal.


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